Net Performance.
Currents: The Santa Fe International New Media Festival. (2014). Curated by Dean Terry

222444 was a net performance for compromised levels of awareness. 222444 was a net performance event that played from 2:22 – 444:AM wherever you were in the world. The initial event was live and took place online. It included a number of short performances intended for semi-consciousness and late night viewing. Performers included visual, video, sound and performance artists. The event was viewable exclusively from 2:22-4:44 am from any time zone in the world. 222444 celebrated non-linearity, confusion, where-am-I-ness, and lack of clarity. The software that enabled 222444 was developed by Harrison Massey in @therefore’s  Emerging Networks Research Lab.

The performance was viewable on the opening night of Currents. Participating artists: Mona Kasra, Christi Nielsen, Danielle Georgiou, Justin Locklear, Hilly Holsonback, Patrick D. Murphy, Carolyn Sortor, & Andrew Blanton.




222444-mona kasra