Integrated Media Design

In this project students designed live performative installations by integrating and incorporating media (video/projection/audio). Projects were operated using Isadora software.


 I was inspired by the lines, “When you can no longer be rocked in a cradle of chains when blood and blankets will not warm you the same.” Through those lines, I felt a crippling numbness. Thus, in my video, I tried to recreate this feeling of numbness by creating an ice bath. Unfortunately, all the ice we bought melted in 90 seconds. In the video, numbness is created through cool-toned shots of the bath juxtaposed against shots of the August 11 and 12 events in Charlottesville. When I saw those shots, I felt numb; it seemed as though the life was sucked out of a place that brings me so much joy.

Through this film I wanted to show that commitment to the process of reaching something, whatever that thing may be, is to be valued. We should reach for those things as babies do, as described in the audio.

Based off of "Wake Up Music" an original play by Micah Ariel Watson