"March Against Monsanto"

Video (2013). 28 min.
Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas, 2013


On May 25, 2013, thousands of protestors and activists from around the world took to the streets in protests against Monsanto's corporate politics and GMO's harm to the environment and health. Simultaneous to the activities on the ground, a multitude of digital images, captured and uploaded to various social media websites by protestors themselves, brought into being a parallel rally against Monsanto online. While the street rallies received little coverage from major media outlets, especially here in the U.S., these images made the global event almost immediately, and eternally, viewable and archived on the Web.

By incorporating hundreds of online photographs of the May 25th March Against Monsanto, #MAM52513 brings attention to the new era for political campaigning via digital networked technologies that allows activists to join forces via citizen photography and online networks, irrespective of their physical or political limitations of geography, time zones, race, or social status. #MAM52513 aspires to both emphasize on the wholeness and totality of March Against Monsanto's message, and to highlight the diverse identities involved and the multitude of campaign approaches practiced.

Mona Kasra #MAM52513 video 28 minutes detail.jpg
Mona Kasra #MAM52513 video 28 minutes.jpg
Mona Kasra #MAM52513