It’s Misogyny That Is Humiliating – Selfie Rally #3 


Gif Animation.
Exhibited at 'Photography & Materiality' curated by Marilyn Waligore at Visual Arts Gallery, Richardson, TX (2014), &
Curated exhibition 'SELFi.e' at (wo)manorial Collective (2013), & 
Aurora Festival, ‘Light of Convergence’, Dallas, TX (2013).

In protest against a judge's order that sentenced an Iranian/kurdish male convict to parade through the city in women's clothing, hundreds of men rallied across social media platforms, posting pictures of themselves dressed as traditional Kurdish women. This viral selfie rally supported gender equality and condemned the misogynistic mindset that the utmost level of humiliation for a man is to be like a woman.

This piece alludes to the fact that while, in isolation, these images seem to follow simple aesthetics and act as individual conduits for self-expression—or even perhaps social vanity—, together they signify a new form of collective action, redefining the concept of social protest in the age of networked media – in addition to shifting the notion of photography.