Tangible Encounters

Mixed-media video installation collaboration with Gabriel Dawe (2010).
Exhibited at Kellogg Gallery, Pomona, CA as part of 'Crisscrossing' exhibition curated by: John David O'Brien


In using only thread to create a structure, this installation will symbolically transpose the motifs of both cultures into a geometry that is related with the architecture of the universe-a geometry that is closely connected with some of the patters depicted in the textiles of both Iran and Mexico. To dematerialize the flatness in which these traditional textiles are fabricated, the thread structure is projected into space, gaining volume that is both material and ethereal. This crisscrossing of threads that goes up and down offers an unorthodox screen for a video projection that will expand the balance between physical and the immaterial. The video projection will transform the thread in a symphony of color, motifs and light, a playful display that will intersect cultures and emphasize the organic nature of the geometry of the structure.

With Dawe building the thread structure, and Kasra producing the video projection, together the marry light and matter in order to create this collaborative installation.