things I learned while growing up 

Digital Photo Compositions (2015). 

Like other Iranian girls, as early as seven years of age, I was required to cover my body with dark veils, and at school, I was constantly reminded about my religious duties, purity, honor, modesty, and self denial. Being a woman simply meant becoming mute, silent, and covered. When I pursued art later in my teenage years, I was faced with a school library full of censored art books with images of women covered with sharpie marks and masking tapes; any representation of female body was simply banned from the art world unless covered and sexless.
"lessons I learned while growing up" consists of 8 8" x10" images. Each image addresses a memory that I recall vividly, and is composed of two parts: the left section is recreation of the censored art books through which I learned art, and the right section depicts issues I encountered while growing up. By these juxtapositions, "things I learned while growing up," draws viewers' attention to the hideousness of censorship, whether with a sharpie, or with a dark veil. 


things I learned while growing up 1
things I learned while growing up 2
things I learned while growing up 3