Projection design / video Installations for Immersive Theater (2013). 
Warehouse in West Dallas, TX, 

Multimedia performance production by DWZ Collective, written and curated by Thomas Riccio.

Dallas Examiner: In Thomas Riccio’s new progressive symphonic theatricale, “w(hole)”, playing at his decadent sprawl of a reclaimed warehouse in West Dallas rings true as a Tibetan gong. Taken apart, as in autopsy, it strains and fragments, laments and groans, lashes out with sexual angst and sweaty frustration. Screens scatter randomly throughout the candle-lit landscape, showing 1960’s home movie family holiday clips over and over, backwards and forwards, excerpts from a Fred Astaire dancing extravaganza and unrecognizable black and white action films. Scenes ebb and flow as the audience floats along, adrift, overwhelmed by a cacophony of images and sound. Sensate, intemperate immersion. Oddly enough, “w(hole)” weaves together with satisfying symphonic grace. Emerge refreshed, cleansed, jubilant.



whole mona kasra
whole mona kasra
whole mona kasra
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